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A Foodies Guide to Cape May, NJ

Its hard not to fall in love with the South Jersey town of Cape May - from the amazing architectural aspects of the private homes and the Cape May Bed and breakfasts that made this town so famous, to the incredible beaches, shopping and yes, the food, wine and now the beer (Cape May now boasts it's very own Brewery).

Here are a few of my favorite places in Cape May - I highly encourage you to check them out on your next visit to Cape May:

Why it's great: James Beard nominated chef Lucas Manteca and wife Deanna Ebner make a great team!  The Red Store opened in 2012 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a general store, fresh pastries/breads, sandwiches, coffee and smoothies that you can get to go.  They are happy to accommodate Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan requests, always a plus!

Why you should check it out:
Last year, Lucas and Deanna opened "The Counter", their Chef's Table.  Limited to only 6 guests, Lucas interacts with customers while preparing their meal (6 courses), offering an explanation of the products he uses (many from their own local farm in West Cape May) along with the award winning techniques he utilizes.  Reservations a MUST, BYOB, Cash only

George's Place
Why it's great:  Hands down some of the freshest, most delicious, no frills Greek/Mediterranean fare in Southern New Jersey.

Why you should check it out:
  Guy Fieri, of Diner's, Diner's and Drives, featured them on the show last year and for a good reason.  Chef John prepares simple, delicious fare -  No cloying sauces or fancy gimmicks.  Must tries, Saganaki (flaming cheese with Ouzo, whats not to like), the baby Greek lamp chops and the Gyros.  Another bonus, average dinner entree is about $16.95 and its a BYOB, Cash only.

Why it's Great: Open all year long - even on Tuesday night in January, this place is jamming (that says something right there).  Because its open all year, this is a big local hangout.  Friendly staff and great food.

Why you should check it out:
  Overall the food is amazing, but one of the biggest drawls it their wood fired pizza (thin crust).  The Pizza Positano features artisan sopressata salami, garlic oil, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers.  For the purist, try the Margarita or the American pie.

Texas Tommy
Why it's Great: They specialize in Hot Dog's, need I say more.

Why you should check it out:
After waiting in a line that sometimes seems endless, your reward will be great.  Customers can get any one of their signature combinations with either the traditional "Bad Dog" or the "Leaner Wiener" (a thinner dog with less calories).  My favorites, the Texas Tommy and the Black Russian Bag Dog!  Plus, what's not to love about a man in a hot dog hat.


Why it's great:  Not many people think of Cape May, as a wine producing area.  However, there are some great wineries in the Cape May area.  In addition to Hawk Haven, there's Turdo, Cape May Winery, Jesse Creek, Natali and Willow Creek.

 Why you should check it out:
On Sunday, Hawk Haven has Sangria Sunday (May - September).  Come try award-winning wines, their famous Sangria, while listening to some great live music from local singer-songwriters.  A lunch menu from some local eateries is also available.  If you are interested in touring all the vineyards mentioned above, I recommend checking out Tastings and Tours.

Why it's Great:  Your not there for the decor, your there for the beer with almost 20 beers on tap.  Try their award-winning Cape May IPA.

Why you should check it out:
Cape May Brewery doesn't serve food, but they do encourage you to BYOF (hmm, I think a trip to the Red Store is in order), hang out at the picnic tables and order up some great local beer.

Patti at the Mason Cottage
Why it's Great:
  Every morning Patti serves a full gourmet breakfast with a smile.

Why you should go: If you are lucky enough to be there on a morning when Patti serves up her famous French Toast Souffle, then you will truly have experienced nirvana!  In addition, Tea time is available to all guests of the Mason Cottage, Cape May B and B from 3 -4 PM daily.  

BONUS:  Every October through March starts our Chocolate Decadance Tea time - where everything at tea-time is chocolate - Chocolate Oolong tea, Chocolate Mint Tea, Patti's famous chocolate chip cookies, hand dipped chocolate dipped fruit, Oreo's and nuts to name a few.

For more information on the Mason Cottage, a Cape May B and B and our availability, please visit us at

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Towns - Cape May, NJ and Key West, FL Each Completely Unique, Yet Sharing Commonalities

Southernmost Point Landmark in Key West
Cape May, NJ and Key West, FL, both at Mile Marker 0 (Cape May at Exit 0 off the NJ State Parkway and Key West at Exit 0 off U.S. Route 1) are towns truly unique in their own right and worthy of exploration.  While getting to each of these towns involves a certain determination, after all, they are technically both at the end of the line; people still come year after year.  There is a real love here, something that can’t be explained by words, it is something that you have to experience and then “you get it”!
If you are from the New Jersey/Philadelphia area, then you most likely have heard of or have been to Cape May, NJ - the great little seaside town at the southernmost tip of Cape May Peninsula where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Cape May is a town known for its beautiful beaches, charming shops, great restaurants and bars and the Victorian homes and bed and breakfasts that dot the landscape.   The entire city of Cape May is designated a National Historic Landmark, due to the high concentration of Victorian buildings, dating back to the 1800’s.  
While I am sure there are people who haven’t heard of Cape May, NJ, I think you’d be hard pressed to find one who has not heard of Key West, Florida.   Key West, located at the southernmost point in the continental US, signifies good times, can anyone say Fantasy Fest?   The area in Key West known as Old Town is also a National Historic District with houses and buildings dating back to the 1800’s.  Many of the homes were brought over from the Bahamas, which is where the term Conch Style house comes from. 
The Mason Cottage in Cape May, NJ
Businesses and homes located within these nationally historically registered areas in Cape May and Key West are required to maintain the original integrity of the property set up by historical preservation groups, such as the Greater Cape May Historical Society and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation.  Personally, I am very thankful that these groups exist, if not for them, you can be sure the old saying “out with the old, in with the new” would lead to towns full of modern day high rises, thus completely destroying the integrity of these historic gems. 
An Old Postcard of the Ocean House Hotel in Cape May
From devastating fires to new beginnings, these towns have risen from complete destruction to become great destinations, seamlessly blending their past and present.  How many times in history have we heard of a town succumbing to a Great Fire?  Well, both Cape May and Key West are no exceptions and both are said to have been started by foul play.  On November 9th, 1878 in the early hours of the morning, a fire was observed by a workman at the Ocean Hotel.  It did not take long before thirty-five acres were in devastation and ruins - seven major hotels and thirty cottages and bathhouses were lost.  It was speculated that arson was the cause of the fire - what better way to rid yourself of a hotel in need of expensive repairs.  Samuel Ludlam, owner of the hotel, was seen leaving on an early morning train for Philadelphia on the same day of the fire.  Ludlam was brought before court, but was never prosecuted due to lack of evidence. 
Old Cigar Box Label
Eight years later, on April 1, 1886, the Great Fire of Key West ripped through the city.  The fire ignited in a coffee shop next to the San Carlos Institute, a club erected by the cigar manufacturers and the focal point of the Cuban society in Key West.  The fire was said to have been started by the Spanish Empire as a means to financially cripple the Cuban people.   At the time, the cigar industry was the economic driving force in the town and the Cubans were dependent on Key West for this financial support.  For Spain, the slap in the face was the fact they sold Key West much of the tobacco that was inevitably the financial means for the Cuban revolutionaries to continue the fight with the Spanish.  It was a vicious cycle, to which the Spanish were suspected of setting the fire to destroy the Key West cigar industry, thereby destroying the financial support to the Cubans.   In the end, 18 cigar factories, 614 houses and government buildings were destroyed in the blaze.  
Today, tourism is the dominant industry in both of these coastal towns.  The economy is dependent upon the thousands of tourists who come visit the many shops, restaurants/bars, lodgings and tourist attractions each year.  Commercial and sport fishing are also important in both economies, while eco-tourism, such as marine mammal watching and bird watching have become equally important.
Both towns host an array of events throughout the year for its visitors.  For instance, the annual Singer/Songwriter Competition celebrates up and coming talent and gives visitors a chance to unwind and listen to artists performances at local venues (occurs in March in Cape May and April/May in Key West).   There is also the annual Taste of Key West (in April) and the Cape May Food and Wine Festival (in September); both showcase the flavors of the area with events held at local food and wine venues through the towns.  
Fantasy Fest in Key West
Visitors will also enjoy the many annual themed festivals that have become part of these towns culture.  While Key West hosts the annual Fantasy Fest and Conch Republic Days, Cape May has their Victorian Week, Spring Festival and Christmas Candlelight House Tours.  Please know that I am in NO way comparing these events (as there is no comparison), I am only showcasing these towns as a destination – a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and participate in events that are unique to these towns alone.
For accommodation in Cape May, please visit the Mason Cottage, a Cape May Bed and Breakfast, at  www.themasoncottage.comor for upcoming events, please visit Cape May Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts or the Cape May Chamber
For accommodations in Key West, please visit Key West Oasis a 2 BR/2 Bath Key West Rental House with pool.  For events in Key West, please visit the Key West Chamber of Commerce
* Join the Mile Marker 0 Club - Past guests of the Mason Cottage,Cape May Bed and Breakfast are entitled to $100 off any 5+ night stay at Key West Oasis.  Please visit our Key West Oasis site for more information.


 Author:  Kimberly Kaufell Gilbert

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I’ve Discovered a Love, a Passion that May Have Always Been Deep Within Me

In the three years since we have taken over the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast, there have been many changes.  Some very noticeable and some more discrete.  New landscaping, new paint inside and out.  Rooms renovated and updated all the while maintaining the Cape May Victorian feel.  The small touches to the major repairs, this old house is coming alive more and more each day.  She celebrates the love that resides here in her walls, floors, flowers and dirt.  141 years of life and love in this house.

I don’t know what happened here before I moved in, but since March 27, 2009 this house has been my home, my work and my love.  I have worked nearly every day in this kitchen creating cookies, scones, cakes, souffles, frittatas and quiches - new recipes, old recipes...alone with my music or dancing with friends and co-workers.
Cape May Beach Sunset
This kitchen, this house, this town has opened my eyes to so much about me.  Things that were instilled deep within that didn’t have an outlet before.  Maybe a test run here and there or a little dream or desire but never alive and kicking as they are now.
A new passion and love has   In two years, I managed to free myself of debt, fear, insecurities and 60 pounds of self doubt.  So I decided to celebrate and bought myself my first digital camera. I’ve never taken pictures with a digital camera. My parents bought me my first 35mm point-n-shoot when I graduated from business school and my sister gave me my second that truly inspired me to take that spoke to me and not just any old shot.
Cape May Church St. Peter's
To be honest, I didn’t take many pictures with that because I really couldn’t afford the film and the development.  When I did find a reason and a purpose, I would snap away only to be disappointed when I developed them weeks later.  So with my beautiful new camera and my fully charged battery, I set out on a walk around this beautiful town.  I don’t look different from the folks here looking for birds, celebrating time with family and spending a romantic weekend with the person they love.  I only know that when I look through the view finder I see a different world.  The sunsets, the structures, the people, the trees, the all takes on a different feel when you point the camera and push that button.

Boats at Sunset in Cape May New Jersey
I’ve discovered a love, a passion that may have always been deep within me.  I’m slowly unwrapping this gift and cherishing the time with each discovery during the process.  The most amazing part ofmy personal journey is the people around me that love and support it.  From family to friends, employers to strangers, my love is being recognized and enjoyed. Be it my creations in the kitchen or behind the camera, it has always been a personal goal to share them with friends, family and guests. This job...this life has enabled that and today I celebrate the displaying of my work at the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast.  Now after you enjoy the breakfast or tea time treats created in the kitchen, you can view my work from behind the camera that will now adorn the walls of The Mason Cottage Cape NJ May Bed and Breakfast.  I look forward to sharing more and more kitchen creations and captured moments with all of you.
All Photos courtesy of Patti Goyette, Innkeeper at the Mason Cottage Cape May B and B

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And the Winner of this Year's Chocolate Championship Tour and Tasting is...

...the Mason Cottage takes 1st place in Cape May's 2011 Victorian Week Chocolate Championship Tour and Tasting.  This is the second year in a row that the Mason Cottage, Cape May Bed and Breakfast has won bragging rights for the "Best Chocolate Creation" during Victorian Week.
Chocolate Decadence, 1st Place Winner
The Chocolate Championship Tour and Tasting is one of Cape May's most popular events and took place on Saturday, October 8th from 1:00 - 3:00 PM.  The event is sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) and is offered twice a year, both during the Spring Festival and Victorian Week.  Tourgoers are offered the opportunity to visit several historic Cape May properties to sample and vote for their favorite chocolate creation. 

There were more than 170 tourgoers who came out for this years Victorian Week event. The 2011 competitors, as well as their chocolate creations were, the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast with their Chocolate Decadence, the Puffin (Fudgy Mint Cheesecake Bars), Summer Cottage (Chocolate Covered Strawberries), Henry Sawyer Inn (Chocolate Raspberry Cookies) and the Physick Estate Tea Room with their Flourless Chocolate Torte. 

Patti and Kim showing off their creation
This competition was a great way for the Mason Cottage to kick off their First Friday's Wine and Chocolate Reception which is offered from 7:00 - 8:00 PM (October - March) in the parlor of the inn.  This reception is in addition to their regular Chocolate Decadance Tea Time.  So if you are a serious chocoholic and you are looking to get away for a few days, the Mason Cottage, Cape May Bed and Breakfast is a definite must try.  For more information on the Mason Cottage, Cape May Bed and Breakfast, please call 609.884.3358 or visit us at

Mason Cottage's Chocolate Decadence
A dark, milk and white chocolate layered mousse with a caramel whipped cream

8 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped finely
8 ounces milk chocolate, chopped finely
8 ounces white chocolate chopped finely
3 tablespoons Grand Marnier (optional)
1/2 cup cold water
2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin
10 large egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups half & half
3 and 1/2 cups chilled whipping cream
*  You will also need a piping bag 

Combine 1/2 cup water and gelatin in small bowl. Let stand until gelatin softens, about 10 minutes.

Place each chocolate in 3 separate medium bowls along with a separate spatula for each bowl.

Beat yolks and sugar in large bowl until mixture is pale yellow and very thick, about 5 minutes. 

Bring half and half just to a simmer in heavy large saucepan. Gradually whisk hot half & half into beaten egg mixture. Return mixture to same saucepan. Stir over medium heat until custard thickens and leaves path on back of spoon when finger is drawn across, about 3 minutes (do not boil). Remove custard from heat. Add softened gelatin; stir until gelatin dissolves. Strain mixture into large glass measuring cup. Immediately pour 1/3 of hot custard over each. Stir each chocolate with separate spoon until melted and smooth. Add Grand Marnier to white chocolate mixture.   

If mixture cools before chocolate is completely melted, set bowl over saucepan of simmering water and stir just until chocolate melts. Cool chocolate mixtures to room temperature, stirring occasionally.

Beat cream in large bowl until stiff peaks form. Divide whipped cream equally among 3 bowls of chocolate. Gently fold whipped cream into chocolate in each bowl.

Pipe bittersweet chocolate mixture into clear long stemmed glass (like a champagne glass). Freeze until firm, about 12-15 minutes. Pipe milk chocolate mixture over bittersweet chocolate layer. Freeze until firm, about 12-15 minutes. Pipe white chocolate mixture over milk chocolate mixture. Freeze until firm, about 12-15 minutes. Cover with plastic and store in refrigerator until ready to serve. 

When ready to serve, top each glass with Caramel Whipped Cream:  1.5 cups heavy whipping cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 4 tbsp Godiva caramel liquor (optional).  Combine all in a medium bowl and mix until stiff peaks are formed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Friday Wine & Chocolate Reception

The Mason Cottage, a Cape May NJ Bed & Breakfast offers Guests a 1st Friday Wine & Chocolate Reception

The Mason Cottage, Cape May Bed and Breakfast is offering their guests a 1st Friday Wine & Chocolate Reception from 7:00 - 8:00 PM in the inn's parlor.  This special reception is available to all guests of the inn on the first Friday of the month (October through March) and is included in the room rate.  Guests can relax by the fire, listen to jazz, all while enjoying an array of chocolate indulgences, such as:
  • ChocoVine, a French Cabernet wine subtly combined with rich dark chocolate from Holland
  • Chocolate beer and/or a variety of chocolate liquors
  • An assortment of chocolate covered truffles, caramels and cordials
  • Hand-dipped chocolate cookies, pretzels, dried fruits and nuts
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • An assortment of fresh Chocolate homemade baked goods
  • And lets not forget, the hot chocolate, chocolate flavored coffees and a selection of chocolate teas
The 1st Friday Wine & Chocolate Reception is in addition to the inns afternoon tea offered from 3:00 - 4:00 PM.  Plus, if you haven't had your chocolate fix by the end of your stay, the inn has thought of that as well.  Each guest will leave with a special Mason Cottage chocolate treat to take home with them. 

The Mason Cottage's Wine and Chocolate Reception occurs on the following 1st Fridays:  10/7/11,  11/4/11,  12/2/11,  1/6/12,  2/3/12 & 3/2/12.  For more information, please go to

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To All Our Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free Guests

By Patti Goyette, Innkeeper of the Mason Cottage, a Cape May Bed and Breakfast

If you know me, then you know I love food - Not just to eat, but to cook, bake, prepare, plan, read and discuss!  So, when a guest of our Cape May B&B checks in and express that they have a dietary restriction or food allergy, my heart goes out to them.  Not because they have this restriction, but because it may make the food world not such a fun place for them (at least this was my opinion before I started this project). 

THE PROJECT:  Try living one week each as a Vegetarian, a Vegan, and Gluten Free.   

Rule #1 - For three weeks, plan a breakfast menu each day and serve at least one item to non-informed guests:  Week 1 was a vegetarian item each morning, Week 2 was a vegan item each morning and Week 3 was a gluten-free item each morning.

Rule #2 - Go out to eat in the many Cape May restaurants and journal about my experiences, again week 1 as a vegetarian, week 2 as a vegan and week 3 as gluten-free.  (What I probably should have done was spread this journey out, but in 21 days, I decided to mess with my digestive system as much as possible!)  That said, I do not recommend this challenge, but I do recommend your own diet challenge.  Why?  Because I learned even more about food and loved every minute of it!  Ok, there were a few minutes in there that I didn’t love, but I adjusted. 

Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza
MY VEGETARIAN WEEK:  Starting out Vegetarian was not particularly difficult for me.  I enjoyed my own Cheese and Onion Quiches for breakfast, my favorite pasta dishes for dinner and of course, no challenge in the snack world!  Love Doritos!!  I discovered that any restaurant in town will be able to accommodate the Vegetarian and that there is one place in town that has the best Veggie Burger in the world!  On a side note, this burger is not acceptable on the Vegan plan as cheese and egg whites were used to make the patties.  I’ve also discovered if a bar is what you are looking for and you would like to indulge in a snack, Fried Broccoli is quite tasty, but I can't say it wasn’t fried in the same oil as that guys burger over there was.  So, if you are sensitive to that extreme, you may want to double check with your server or bartender.    

MY VEGAN WEEK:  Week 2 was a bit more of a challenge!  To be honest, I’m very unfamiliar with the Vegan world.  I’ve only had a few guests stay with me that are vegan and through discussions and trials, I discovered just how deep this lifestyle goes.  With that said, this was a fun and educational week.  However, halfway through, I must admit, I cheated.  Please don’t be disappointed in me, but it was a free dinner at the Lobster House and that doesn’t come along often when all of the factors (stars) align…free dinner, free ride, fresh seafood and well, did I mention it was free?  Ok, so I cheated.  I’m over it.  I discovered so many new foods that I truly love!  Tofu for one and Almond milk for another!  I started out with familiar things, like my loved Steel Cut Oats for breakfast and pesto pastas along with salads, sans the cheese and creamy dressings.  I also discovered a roasted veggie pizza that was AMAZING!  I also managed to wow the guests at Tea-Time with vegan cupcakes!

Gluten-Free Cake with Chocolate Frosting
MY GLUTEN-FREE Week:  Gluten Free (GF) was not as difficult as I would have first thought.  Aside from my system trying to get used to meat and cheese again, the GF pizza I made along with the French toast with GF bread and the Mediterranean breakfast sandwich were out of this world.  I also discovered that several restaurants in town have complete GF menus out for guests.  I for one was absolutely thrilled by this!  In addition, I've discovered many recipes for GF baked goods and I must say, the cake mixes were some of the best mixes I’ve ever used.  And if you know me, I am not in favor of baking anything that starts out from a mix!  The 12 people at tea-time certainly agreed that the yellow cake with chocolate frosting was delish! 

So there you have it, my 21 day project in a nutshell.  We would like our guests to know that not only are we happy to accommodate you for breakfast and tea-time, we are thrilled to suggest wonderful Cape May restaurants to eat.  We will call and speak directly to the chef and make reservations for you!  I recommend letting us know you are coming in advance and what your restriction is because we love to be prepared!  

Now, let me conclude by saying that this project started as a way to increase our knowledge about these “diet lifestyles”.  We love our guests here at the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast and if there is any way we can make their overall guest experience that much better on their visit to Cape May, we are going to do it!  However, I learned something much more – that even though you have diet restrictions or food allergies, the food world can be fun for ANYONE!  Now, when someone shares their ‘restriction’ with me, I get excited to talk about restaurants they should try during their stay and recipes I’ve come up with!

Please check out some of our favorite restaurants in Cape May that will cater to our Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten-Free friends.

Vegan/Vegetarian:  Lucky Bones, Merion Inn, Bella Vida, Higher Grounds (serves many vegan breakfast & lunch specialties), Sean’s, Georges and Gecko’s

Gluten Free:  Lucky Bones, Alethea’s, Bella Vida, Sean’s, Gecko’s and George’s

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Victorian Christmas in Cape May

Christmas time in Cape May is our most favorite time of the year at the Mason Cottage.  As such, we love to go all out with our holiday decorations (it doesn't hurt that my sister, Carrie Campbell, is a renowned garden designer in Bucks County, PA who also specializes in holiday exterior decorations for her clients).  

This year we started our Christmas decorating on Sunday, November 28th (this may seem early to some, but in Cape May this is actually considered late).  Since we chose to use all real greenery, we were limited to how early we could put up the tree, garlands and greenery.  All of the outside and inside garland (on the banisters, fireplace, above the doors and mirrors) was a beautiful Western Red Cedar.  Plush red velvet bows were lovingly place on wreaths, fencing, as well as the Mason Cottage sign.

The Mason Cottage tree of choice is a Leyland Cyprus.   We chose the Leyland Cyprus for its beautiful lacy greenery, as well as the fact that it stays green and fresh for a very long time.  Since we were decorating so early this was a major requirement (the 1st day we put the tree up, it drank 2 gallons of water).  These trees grow very quickly in the fields so its not unusual to find trees that are 12+ feet tall.  The theme of this years tree was Au Natural.  Most of the ornaments are made from objects of nature that were collected on our many nature walks or from the walks along the beach. 

Our little angel ornaments were all tediously made by hand, all from objects of nature.  If you can find them on the tree,  turn them over, you will find their name on the back of each one - Cloe, Froe, Zoey, Maura & Laura (pictured here to the left is Zoey.)  The wings on the angel are  made from shells that are actually called "Angel Wing's".  The dress is made from dried  Coxcomb Celosia and Maiden Grass plumes, the head is a Shark-eye shell and the hands are Cats-Paw shells. The hair was made from real wool gathered from the lambs on our friends family farm.

Among the many other ornaments you can find on the tree are real finch and robin bird nests, sand dollars, starfish, dried hydrangea, grass seed heads, pine cone and shell pomander balls.  Each ornament that graces this tree has its own special story - each made by hand.

Each year Cape May's Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC, for short) offers their Cape May Candlelight House Tours.  This year the tours fall on Saturdays, December 4th, 11th & 18th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM.  These tours present a wonderful opportunity to peek inside many of the Cape May Bed & Breakfast.   We are very excited that the Mason Cottage will be one of the featured inns on tour during this years 2010 tour.   

If you would like more information on the Mason Cottage, a Cape May NJ Bed and Breakfast, please visit us at