Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I’ve Discovered a Love, a Passion that May Have Always Been Deep Within Me

In the three years since we have taken over the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast, there have been many changes.  Some very noticeable and some more discrete.  New landscaping, new paint inside and out.  Rooms renovated and updated all the while maintaining the Cape May Victorian feel.  The small touches to the major repairs, this old house is coming alive more and more each day.  She celebrates the love that resides here in her walls, floors, flowers and dirt.  141 years of life and love in this house.

I don’t know what happened here before I moved in, but since March 27, 2009 this house has been my home, my work and my love.  I have worked nearly every day in this kitchen creating cookies, scones, cakes, souffles, frittatas and quiches - new recipes, old recipes...alone with my music or dancing with friends and co-workers.
Cape May Beach Sunset
This kitchen, this house, this town has opened my eyes to so much about me.  Things that were instilled deep within that didn’t have an outlet before.  Maybe a test run here and there or a little dream or desire but never alive and kicking as they are now.
A new passion and love has   In two years, I managed to free myself of debt, fear, insecurities and 60 pounds of self doubt.  So I decided to celebrate and bought myself my first digital camera. I’ve never taken pictures with a digital camera. My parents bought me my first 35mm point-n-shoot when I graduated from business school and my sister gave me my second that truly inspired me to take that spoke to me and not just any old shot.
Cape May Church St. Peter's
To be honest, I didn’t take many pictures with that because I really couldn’t afford the film and the development.  When I did find a reason and a purpose, I would snap away only to be disappointed when I developed them weeks later.  So with my beautiful new camera and my fully charged battery, I set out on a walk around this beautiful town.  I don’t look different from the folks here looking for birds, celebrating time with family and spending a romantic weekend with the person they love.  I only know that when I look through the view finder I see a different world.  The sunsets, the structures, the people, the trees, the all takes on a different feel when you point the camera and push that button.

Boats at Sunset in Cape May New Jersey
I’ve discovered a love, a passion that may have always been deep within me.  I’m slowly unwrapping this gift and cherishing the time with each discovery during the process.  The most amazing part ofmy personal journey is the people around me that love and support it.  From family to friends, employers to strangers, my love is being recognized and enjoyed. Be it my creations in the kitchen or behind the camera, it has always been a personal goal to share them with friends, family and guests. This job...this life has enabled that and today I celebrate the displaying of my work at the Mason Cottage Cape May Bed and Breakfast.  Now after you enjoy the breakfast or tea time treats created in the kitchen, you can view my work from behind the camera that will now adorn the walls of The Mason Cottage Cape NJ May Bed and Breakfast.  I look forward to sharing more and more kitchen creations and captured moments with all of you.
All Photos courtesy of Patti Goyette, Innkeeper at the Mason Cottage Cape May B and B

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